A little rusty!

A little rusty!

Paul Arden | Tuesday, 20 July 2021

It’s been a tough week for me on the lake, but really great to be throwing at fish again. We’ve had many many restrictions over the past 7 weeks with the Covid Delta Variant that is causing havoc with the country. Fortunately, while we are still under movement control and most businesses are still closed, in my particular district outdoor recreation that you do solo is allowed again. The problem is that I’m so far out of practise that I need to learn how to do it all again!

I am making a video today which among other things shows the Snakehead Shot in slow motion. It’s interesting because there is a lot of “slide” to lengthen the flyleg before the front cast, and it shows that the rod can still be bent when the line is released at the beginning of the backcast. All very interesting stuff that will no doubt make for some stimulating discussions on the Board.

I’ve uploaded Andy’s interview of Roger Seiders from his FP yesterday https://www.sexyloops.com/articles/rogerseiders.shtml It’s a great read!!!


Something else I realised (I’m a bit slow sometimes) is that I will be able to make some really excellent videos soon. As you may know Ashly gave me drone for my 50th birthday last December. Bets were taken on how long it would last before I sunk it. Well for those of you who put money down,  flight no.13 was the fateful one that ended in the drink. Apparently I managed to fit the propellors on backwards!


Of course I tried to fish it out of 50ft of water, and even bought a spinning reel and magnets to do this. I felt contact a few times, but it must be mud-bound. Anyway the second part of this story is I bought a new one (at a discounted price through DJI) and didn’t tell Ashly. All was good but she found the receipt!! 


So the other thing I bought was a foam float landing pad, so that if it did ever land on the water again it would be retrievable. A couple of days ago, while getting my arse kicked by Snakehead, I realised that this will allow me to take off and land on the water. Consequently it will get a lot more use now than simply taking off and landing on the Battleship roof. Hell its much easier to land on water than a boat roof; I’ve already had some practise! 


Have a great week. I’ll try to finish this video tonight.


Cheers, Paul