Casting practice

Casting practice

Viking Lars | Saturday, 17 July 2021

I was on the lawn again Monday, working on getting my cast back to a better standard. I’m getting by just fine, but I was once a lot better and I want to get better again. The last sessions have been focusing on precision. My precision casting has always been quite good and I’m happy with where I am now. I’m certainly not at competition level, nor am I aiming for that right now, just “fishing-good”. I do need to work on the long distance precision, though. And I want to practice “shoot-and-hit-target” too, but that’s for later.

Monday I happened to be doing just what Paul was talking about in his latest video on YouTube. Basic storke and slowly lengthening carry. I of course focus on keep loops good and clean when doing this. I also try to push the limit of the carry within a certain stroke length or style. When doing this, a sharp focus on haul timing and haul length seems to make a positive difference. I haven’t measured for a while, but right now I think I’m comfortably carrying up to 16-17 meters before having to switch over to a long stroke and more pronounced late rotation.

I’ve found that this is the best way, for me, to practice long stroke casting and carry/170-style, because it seems to “ease” my stroke into maintaining proper tracking. And my tracking still suffers on the really long strokes. Slowly getting better, though.

Keeping the loops crisp and clean while shortening and lenghening the carry is a really good exercise. One thing that really seems to sharpen up my stroke is trying as much as possible to get rid of bottom-leg-bounce. I do that by cushioning the stop and and… How to put it? Transfer more of the cast to the haul and use less rod/stroke. It’s of course only possible up to a certain point, but in any cast, a cushioned stop makes a noticeable difference. It does’t make much real world difference in either distance or precision, but it certainly improves control and it just looks really sexy. And we need that!

As much as I love long, warm summer evenings (and night fishing), I actually look forward to shorter evenings, so I can get out in the dark with my Sexyloops lumi line DT and have fun without losing half a night’s sleep.

And I need water! Where we lived before we had a nice park 10 minutes walk from our home and it had a perfect little pond/lake. We have a park nearby our new home, perfect for practicing - always possible to find shelter for wind, but no water. I want to work on my single hand spey casting, which used to be really good and it now needs work. You can do it on grass, but I want water. Speys and lifts just need water.

I might need some more spools for my “practice reel” too, I seem to be switching between several line and that’s a bit annoying.

All for today, have a great weekend!