Danica time

Danica time

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 12 June 2020

Last Saturday we opened our fishing season. Water was and still is really high in the rivers. We fished one smaller river which has been really good especially begin and end of season. With high water we had some difficulties to reach river itself. We both caught some graylings and it was decent start for season. Most important was that we had good time and nice anniversary day.

Yesterday my guiding season had start. Season opened on our lake. Guests wanted to have some tips about spinning fishing. They have a boat etc by the sea in southern Finland and they have been fishing there. They wanted to learn little bit more about spinning and fishing overall. We had good discussion and nice fishing after hard start.

Weather was good, no it was great. Sunshine, warm, little bit wind etc. Perfect evening you could call. We started to fish from decks. They casting and those things were okay and they had few strikes but they had difficulties to hold fish so all got loose. I gave some tips and but as normal fish decided on that point that they won’t be co-operating anymore, so it was time to have a break. At the same time on shallow area I saw rises and fishes got active over there but it is not reachable from decks.

After break we took boat to reach fishes. We used small spinners but trouts were eating a lot but spinners were not on the list. As usual I concentated to women that she will catch a fish, husband can do it himself. I changed small floating wobbler to her. Some danicas where flying around and I didn’t have any flies with me again. To husband I changed smaller and darker spinner. I told him to fish that lure will drop to the bottom and reel fast to get it surface and drop again etc.

I asked Pomo (boss in english, That’s how husband was calling her wife with loving sound. ), to put wobbler about 10 meters behind to boat and just hold rod and follow wobbler all the time. I started to row slowly around area where hatching and rises were. Now and then stopped totally. Husband was spinning from front. We could see how one trout was passing by the wobbler but…. Husband got few strikes and once he got the whole earth. I kept rowing when Pomo got strike, but she was too late and also I wasn’t fast enough.

After short moment we saw rising just next to wobbler, with that short moment you could cut air with knife. Next thing was that rise, wobbler disappeared, Pomo made strike back, I rowed fast few times and we had fish on. Short fight and Pomo landed nice about 2 kg rainbow trout. Imitating hatching fly with small wobbler was working. After that husband got 2 pikes also.

So danica time is here, I hope that I will have some time on coming weekend to go fishing by myself. There is lot of things to do now when summer is here and I have been working with those issues 12 hours per day. It doesn’t matter, sun is NOT setting. Sun is shining and it is summer.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika from Finland

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