Michal Duzynski | Sunday, 3 January 2016

My front pages are not much about catching a lot of big fish in different, exotic locations, are not about specific fly tying, or technical fly casting. I know all of it and I am good at it, but I like to write about my PURSUIT in salt water fly fishing, things I can achieve in the future, things I am learning, and things that will happen in the near future. I have some ideas and plans (less then Paul and his casting pond in Hungary, or a bar in the jungle etc etc), but it requires some time and budget that I am currently working on.

After realizing that I won’t have much success in Salt Water Fly Fishing without a boat, I have change my approach. Project Boat means that all my extra money, all my extra time goes towards this project (we are talking small tinnie up to $6-7 grand-nothing for $50.000). I spend time reading about boats, flooring the boat, casting decks and all sorts of things. I’m not buying any new gear, tying materials, or going for fishing trips-money goes to the pot and then I will rock.

First and most important element of this project is that my wife approved it and she knows how important this is for me. She is fed up seeing me always with long face after I go fishing and catch nothing, so she said GO FOR IT.

Next thing  to do is the boat license, I had one in Sydney, but it expired. It is one day course for $150 easy, then I have to put a towbar on my car around $500, then I have to learn how to drive with a trailer - never done it and it will be essential to learn how to maneuver the trailer, put the boat on and off (I will learn from Vince). Then there is a tricky part. I live in an apartment with one parking spot, so even if the I succeed with my project I won’t have space to keep the boat. I don’t worry about it too much as the family plans are to move to different, bigger place in the future and we will look for something with a big garage or similar.

What gets me excited about it is that when I finally get a boat,  I want to do some work around it, become a handyman, see it change with casting decks, and storage compartments, everything that will suit me and MY style of fishing. I know it will be awesome as this would take some pressure off my head as I always worry about work ( I don’t know why?). I might be lucky and find a deal with a boat fitted with everything I need, then it would be only some cosmetic work to do. In any case only thinking about makes me excited as I have an awesome goal to achieve.

The boat from the picture is more less what I am after, and it is very similar to Vince’s set up. Perfect for what I want to do in the Gold coast See Way. 

Meanwhile I will chase some bass…