A week in France

A week in France

Paul Arden | Monday, 26 August 2019

That’s my annual triathlon with my sister over and done with. Tough this year. Very hot and I’m just not as fit as I would like to be. However before I started this race, I made the decision to make this the start of things to come and not the goal. Next year I’ll be 50 (I know I only look about 34 and so this will surprise you as much as it does me) and so with this in mind I plan to get thoroughly back into this particular adventure and race full Ironmans again next year.

Michael, who I was fishing with last month in Malaysia, for his 50th set himself challenge to squat 500lbs, to deadlift 500lbs and to run a mile sub 5 minutes. That sounds like a pretty interesting and worthy 50th challenge to me! I’ve set myself the challenge of racing Ironman triathlons next year for mine.

I can see that this is going to be an expensive year for me! So support me and buy some Hot Torpedo rods (best fly rods ever made) or come fishing with me and I’ll teach you how to be the best flycaster you can ever be!

Currently, while on “holiday” I’m organising another boat for our Malaysian fishing. Basically the guests that I don’t have would like to have a toilet. Shovels, while my particular preference of course, don’t cut it for some of my potential guests. And so I’m going to build a boat that has a toilet and holding tank, shower, a fridge that runs off solar power, possibly with satellite Internet, and an enclosed cabin during tropical storms. Upmarket but still exploratory. A place to come to organise your casting skills under my tutelage, learn to catch Snakehead and even Giant Gourami - the ultimate challenge in freshwater flyfishing.  It will be fantastical!

How awesome is life? 

Cheers, Paul