Back into teaching and more

Back into teaching and more

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Just back from Chile - within the last days I have been teaching fly casting and lecturing about fly fishing for pikeperch. Inbetween I have been working on my camera equipment for filming.

Producing a proper film about whatever part of fly fishing becomes quite a large project as soon as one strives for serious quality. I need microphones (directional + stereo on the camera and headset ones), at least two "serious" cameras (including different lenses), an action camera, statives, filters, lots of batteries, a drone and more. I now have most of the equipment and work my way into the details of using it. Looking forward to make a lot of proper shots this year.

Besides that I am spending time on finding a company offering proper (fishing/wading) clothes for a fair price. Patagonia asked me to have me in their team but after having tested their waders and shoes and realizing how difficult it seems to help improving their products and working out the details of a sponsorship yet I am nowhere near to be satisfied. In general I will never tell people anything positive about a product which doesn't work for myself! Something no company on the planet will be able to get from me no matter what details of a sponsorship they may offer. A good company (I think) will be very happy to have someone fishing as much as I do helping them to improve the quailty of their products. And that can only start by listening. If I can't find such a company I prefer to stay indipendant.

Ok, time to go out and have a few casts!

Great week and proper fly fishing to all of you!

All my best