Big Storm

Big Storm

Paul Arden | Monday, 19 August 2019

Last week while I had a new guest here - Michael - and Tonio, we had a fucking big storm. Everyone had said goodnight but I knew a storm was coming and that we’d see each other again before long,, what I didn’t know was just how big. It was a storm of tree-breaking proportions.

Tonio ended up upside down in his hammock and couldn’t escape for 5 minutes. I spent two hours, first hiding behind a tree, that I was hoping wouldn’t break while looking after the camp tarp and then hiding under the tarp watching the trees through a hurricane in case I had to save Tonio from a falling one. Michael slept on in his hammock. (Actually I don’t think he was sleeping but was instead wondering if there was an afterlife).

All in all, it was pretty exciting.

The aftermath was an upturned boat (the Rocket) and quite a few missing things. I’m just happy everyone was fine.

Having two boats is a definite plus here - thank goodness that Michael’s trip was unaffected. Tono lost half a day but it didn’t matter because he’d successfully caught his first Snakehead the previous day - so all is right in the world.

These tropical storms can be intense. And every year I’m here they appear to be getting stronger.

I’ve noticed that the water company is dropping the lake level, so I’m guessing an early Wet Season is anticipated. It’s really interesting right now and we’re finding Snakehead babies. Micheal had a chase from an adult of about 5KG which in turn was followed by another adult that could well have been over 10KG. What a fish!!!

I have stripped my boats now because I’m off to Europe for three weeks. I’m anticipating October to be the best month this year in Belum. Babies, free-risers, Gourami and tropical storms!! What an exciting combination.

Europe tomorrow. England, France and Ireland. Possibly Italy.

Cheers, Paul

The capsized Rocket