Boats, boats, boats

Boats, boats, boats

Michal Duzynski | Sunday, 24 January 2016

In the past couple of weeks I was reading, researching, watching videos in order to narrow my future boat search. I thought that after asking a lot of questions one boat will get more votes than the others and when the time comes I will search for deals on that boat - NO WAY.

There are so many open boats on the market, brands, models, lengths, motors, and when you ask around they’re all pretty good for what I want to do with it and nobody recommends one in particular or 3 in particular, and the research starts again.

I know I’m rushing and want to know everything at once, but I don’t think something is wrong with that. Just love the subject, and follow it when I can.

Anyway, reading about it and watching pictures of the boats on the screen doesn’t give that feel about the size, length, the entire package, so I decided to take my daughter for a ride and we went to the boat yard. WOW - what a difference seeing the same boat in real life. On the computer screen it seemed like a coconut shell, but now I know what’s cooking.

There she was - love at first sight: STESSCO CATCHER SFX 430.

Guys I’m telling you, what a set up (much higher than my initial budget, but who knows what will happen in a year). Beautiful wide boat, plenty of space inside, two guys fly casting - easily done. Carpet deck with full storage underneath, build in esky (my favorite). It was just perfect set up, little bit long (4565mm - the entire thing). I was looking at 4.2m, but now I know what, and where is the difference is when we talk about 30cm in length.

Ok, packed my daughter in the car, and thought, that's it, I found the one. I will keep reading to learn bits and pieces about boats and boating and when the right time comes, I look for a hot deal on my chosen one, easy and no stress.

Came home, and start reading some reviews on that boat and what pops out? 2 different brands with almost exactly the same models and boat specifications:

Quintrex Renegade 420 ST and Horizon Stryker 438 XPF.

There is little difference in length and placement of under deck hatches, but apart from that they are the same, and the headache starts again. 

I’m happy I have a lot of time to figure this out, they are all beautiful and perfect for what I want to do, expensive though, we'll see.

Now after all this exicitement, the next morning at 5am my mate sends me a text:

I won’t hide, I got a bit jealous, especially now when I am so into it. He bought Qintrex Renegade 450ST for $16.500, well much out of my budget, but he could do it, so I wish him good luck and hopefully he will invite me for a trip or two.

As you noticed I did not mentioned anything about the motor, but I will keep this for a next week.
Have fun with whatever you do.