Build Up

Build Up

Paul Arden | Friday, 23 October 2020

Mika is busy with reindeers today. As well as being a fishing guide he’s a reindeer farmer. I’m not sure how many others combine these two professions. As you can see from the PoD today he’s just had 30cm of snow. I suppose that means winter is coming.

Seasons are changing here too. This is build up time for the Wet Season where I am in Malaysia. This means we can get overcast days (highly usual here) and afternoon and evening storms. As I sit here in the boat at the moment, I can see a storm coming down the lake. Generally these are not the fierce midsummer storms that can overturn boats and knock over trees... but one never knows until it hits.

Over on the Board we have some good discussions. Mark (Stoats) asked me a question on FB about what makes a good and bad caster and angler. I don’t think there is any such thing as a “bad angler”. Smelly yes, but bad no. Anyway it’s not possible for me to answer such questions over there partly because the posting boxes are so damned small, but also because the discussions are threaded which makes trying to have/follow any meaningful discussion almost impossible. Besides I don’t have much time for social media and would rather be fishing!


Here are my thoughts on this topic:


Also on the Board I’m enjoying this concept on “waypoints” from Dirk:


And while there are other excellent topics, for those of you feel that you may have plateaued and would like a new casting challenge to spark your interest, then here is what I am currently working on:


Trying to teach myself to comfortably carry 90’+ of line left handed (while blindfold!) has become a truly fascinating exercise. I started working from short casts, right hand leaching the left and vice versa for the haul. However the real breakthrough for me was mirroring a distance backhand reverse 170 delivery. Most evenings at the moment see me on top of the boat roof with the lumiline. Yes this is evening entertainment in the jungle at it’s best!


Cheers, Paul