Casting and getting it right

Casting and getting it right

Glenda | Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Okay, so it's time to get serious, and I mean really serious, about my cast. Paul will be the instructor, alongwith numerous videos from the Sexyloops site, but it will involve a lot of practice, videos, frustration, blisters and more frustration to get it right. But we don't plan on stopping at just ordinary... we plan to go beyond and to have me casting at least as well as most men in Australia. That's the plan, at least - just hope I can live up to my instructor's and my hopes. My dream is to get the front position of any boat I go out in (pointed out by Paul after tuna trip).

Linkedinnew This all involves going back to the very beginning - no pull back casts or double hauling as yet - just the basics.  It is going to be difficult to iron out all the mistakes and to get my mind around to casting for castings sake and not simply casting for fishings sake.  You can do both I am told so I hope to be able to combine both at the end.

Paul has the first video showing my current cast with only a back haul (or so I thought) but, if the first critique is anything to go by, there wasn't a back haul at all!!!  I didn't want to tell him, but he has his work cut out for him.  You know, it is amazing how much of the basics I have actually forgotten!!

Personally, I can't wait and am a more than willing student.  It is about time I learned to double haul instead of just drooling at those who can.  It is especially important to have a double haul cast here in Queensland, Australia, especially for salt water fly fishing but I guess it is important for any other places in the world too.  Basically, it is important for fresh water fish as well....hopefully more trout for me when I venture south of the border again into Victorian, NSW or Tasmanian waters.  And I will be able to show off to all of my old friends and hopefully to my new friends at my new club who have already seen my old cast....!!!

So stay tuned.  It will take three months and an hours practice every day but I will keep you up to date.  I think this is a world first- being taught to cast by an instructor who is halfway around the world?  (It is just a pity that I am not a carpenter or hunter.....) Videos will prove - or not - the theory and will be posted at the end of the three months for all to see the before and after.  You be the judge.....

It is definitely going to be a wonderful challenge..... now I have to go and buy some gloves for those blisters and I reckon Paul should buy a small flask, fill it with some gamel dask (not sure what this is but sounds potent), and drink it before each video arrives.  As mentioned, I already have my first critique from the Instructor and thus it begins.......

Have a good week, cheers Glenda