Casting is like driving a car

Casting is like driving a car

Glenda | Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Or is it? It is the beginning of the second week of my casting instruction which is changing everything about my current cast. It does come with a the frustration, as initially thought, but the biggest is not being 100% sure if I am doing something incorrectly (I will probably receive an email from my Instructor requesting a new video to check my progress after this FP - well, after the Scottish meet and his fishing trip thereafter, at least).

I watch the videos off the Sexyloops mobile application and then go out to practice, trying to keep the movements in my mind....admittedly it is difficult.

What is even harder is reading the discussions on the SL board about small arcs andmending lines with waves and wondering if I have the same issues.  One thing I do know, and which may be contrary to others belief, is that I definitely anticipate the forward cast, whether I intend to or not.  Heck, I can't stop it now that I have read about it.  But most worrying is not knowing if I am creeping (or creepy) - herein lies a problem for me - if I am anticipating throwing the forward cast (trying to get as much shooting line out as possible), then am I automatically creeping?  If so, how do I stop?  If so, will my Instructor see it and be abe to rectify it?  I have huge faith that Paul will be able to fix it, and any other mistakes I am making, and put me back on the right path.

Another issue may be that I am simply not understanding the discussion on small arcs at all and am worrying over nothing.

A question for you - have you looked at the videos on casting on the mobile application site?  Well worth the few dollars it costs to view them.... not meant to be an advertisement here, just a fact from my perspective.  If you haven't already accessed the mobile app, you can find it just next to the "Board" on the top right of the front page of Sexyloops.  Well worth a look no matter what level of caster or fly fisherman you are.

In the meantime, I will continue to practice and review the videos off the Sexyloops mobile application whilst my Instructor critiques my videos sent to him.

Also a short casting film from our very own Bumcast, located on YouTube - not sure if the link will work but look under Fly Fish Casting/Bumcast.

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Hope you all have a great week, cheers Glenda