Cooling down

Cooling down

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 23 July 2021

Temperatures were dropping fast during last weekend. This week those have been staying low. Night temps has been not more than +5 celsius and daytime hardly +15 celsius. Waters are now around 18 even less, there has been some cold showers every day so water temps are going down all the time.

It has been great, not for fishing yet even it is also better. Cold north wind and changing between sun and rain it not making fishing easy yet. Everytime there is just little bit calmer wind and sun fish get active and there is lot of things happing in short period. If lucky you will have just right fly on the line while for that short five minute period.

It is almost funny how fast life in the river active now and how fast it will die. Big graylings are ”hiding”, we know the spots but you have to have some skills to get them. They are also waiting better times to come and that is just behind corner again. When waters cooled trouts started their run again and there has been few catches during this week. Population is not big and trouts are doing they best to do next one. What makes me look future bright is that young trout population seems to be getting better slowly.

I have one issue and it seems that I need live with that all the way until end of the season, leaky waders. I have really small hole, it is either in the sock or in the shin. I would bet shin and I kind of know the spot. I kicked stick accidently few weeks ago and that probably made extremely small hole. While doing two guiding trips every day there is not much time for drying waders.

So I have used gorilla tape for covering bigger area and it is helping most of the day, there is no leakage. Until tape moves in the afternoon. I have seal socks so it doesn’t really matter but still it is little bit uncomfortable issue. I do have just in case waders for myself. My older waders, those are not so close-fitting, it is like a tent around feets. Those are also often used by guests so I rather "suffer" myself. So I rather have small leakage than tent which makes wading more difficult.

Now I have to run, two trips today. One to our pond and one on river, weekend seems to be slow so maybe I have time to fix waders.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland