Dark Times in The One Man Office

Dark Times in The One Man Office

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Bernd has access problems today so I’m putting up this week’s photo collage for him. I know Bernd has had a lot of cancellations again this week due to travel restrictions.

“I am captured in the middle of new corona actions every morning trying to work out what is allowed and what not.”

It's very difficult times for everyone. My jungle fishing business is down 95% this year. Rod sales are down at least 50%. But hey, we will survive and I know others are worse off. Let's hope next year is not more of the same, because I don't think the world can handle it. 

Anyway on the good news front, here are some great photos again from Bernd...

Great fishing to all of you!

All the best from


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