Destination Scotland

Destination Scotland

Paul Arden | Monday, 27 April 2015

The Sexyloops Meet in Scotland is coming up fast and is in fact next weekend. We've been meeting annually for over a decade now. It's a Board members meet really, but everyone is welcome to attend. Lots of instructors present, as well as casting competitors, so both of these things feature strongly, but more than that; it's a meeting of like-minded friends... and there should be some great fishing to be had this time as well!

I've been busy packing for both the Meet as well as the following week. My girlfriend is visiting from Malaysia and so we are going on a fishing trip. I'm just not entirely sure where yet! I've planned to fish the Highlands, which would be fantastic. But it also depends on weather - the weather this week has been "fresh" and there are still some snowfalls. I'm not sure Ashly is ready for this - hell I'm not sure I am either! Still I have the pack, stove, tent, erm one sleeping bag, and food to go into the hills. So here's hoping the weather improves!

I have lots of evening presentations planned for the event, and am working on the daytime schedule this week. Obviously this will surprise everyone Cool

Days here have been good, lots of running, weights, fly tying, casting and fishing 2-3 days/week (not enough I know). My fly box is looking pretty good too, one more big push and I'll have the stillwater trout flies finished. Then it's time to tie nymphs and dries for Bosnia, where I'll be at the end of May... and then - finally - I'll have a full working fly box again.

Incidentally I've been busy making up some leader sinkant for the trip. For those of you who don't know it, it's Fullers' Earth (buy online or from a Chemist), washing-up liquid (not concentrated) and a few drops of Glycerine (supermarket baking section). Apply this to your leader on a regular basis and it both sinks and hides the shine. 


I'm looking forward to next weekend - it was my motivation for coming back to Europe and not staying in the jungle!

Have a great week all!