DFF Over And More

DFF Over And More

Viking Lars | Saturday, 18 April 2015

The Danish Fly Festival 2015 is over, and was a great success as always. Contrary to 2013, the weather was fantastic - Saturday saw close to 20 degrees C and no wind. The weather was fine on the Sunday as well, although rather windy. We're already thinking about 2017 and there were lots of ideas from visitors, exhibitors, casters and tyers to evaluate and implement.

I was back home Sunday noght around 9pm, and hit the ground running again early Monday morning, heading to work. I had some busy days, but I was ablt to squeeze in 2 hours of salmonfishing on the opnening day, April 16th, before heading into the office.

Yesterday a colleague and I were charged with some survey-work of a 14th century castle ruin, not too far from where I live. The area around the ruin is a good sea trout spot, so I had cunningly brought my HT 8 and other relevant gear. We finished our survey around noon, and I finished the day with 4 hours of fishing.

That really was a perfect day, even if I ddin't catch anything. Combining two major passions in my life in this manner. I really wish that happened more often :-).

Salmon season opening has been a little slow, which seems to have been the case the last few years. One river, StorĂ¥, always opens well, and several beautiful, 20-pound + salmon have been caught already. The largest eiver with wild salmon, River Skjern, has opened a little slow as well and so has "my" river, River Varde. Further south, River Ribe has opened slow as well, a handful of salmon and, surprisingly, a handful of magnificent sea trout.

This I'm working closer to River Skjern than to my usual homewater of River Varde, and it'll be great to get to know River Skjern better. I know parts of River Skjern well, but only small parts. I know several people who fish the river frequently, and I know (read: hope :-) that they'll be willing to share some knowledge. That really is the beauty of the flyfishing community, which was also so obvious at last weekend's Danish Fly Festival.

Have a great weekend!