Fly Casting Week

Fly Casting Week

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Germany has been covered under ice all week long. So no fishing but a lot of fly casting for me.

I have been out every day to train some distance casting as well as fly casting in general. I prefer to have some degrees (Celsius) above zero but fly casting is a lot of fun anyway. No matter how much the temperature may drop below zero I always enjoy being out on the field shaping my loops.
My main target for the distance part of my training was to hit 40+ meters. Due to not having any serious tailwind supporting my distance it didn't happen all week long. I came close (38 - 39m) though.
Chasing a HUGE cast sometimes almost becomes like chasing a HUGE fish. Happens rarely - means hard work - and feels fantastic when it finally happens. 

Long casts and huge fish to all of you!

All my best

P.s.: Can't wait for the ice to leave!

Cold Germany...

cold Germany