Paul Arden | Monday, 29 May 2017

I thought I'd keep you up to date with the Giant Gourami particularly since I haven't fished for them at this time of year before. Just prior to my Indonesian visit Ashly and I experienced a great fall of Termites where a pattern that I had hastily tied in the boat proved successful, catching me one fish on dark. It was a variation of something Irhamy had tied for me a couple of years ago, but simplified and with big black spent CDC wings. Back from Indonesia while fishing for Jungle Perch I noticed a Gourami on the surface feeding. The Termite still attached I threw and the gourami was caught. So far two fish and no refusals. Very unusual for Gourami!


I had another shot a few evenings after this for a big Gourami gorging on a massive insect fall. But unfortunately I didn't put the fly where it needed to be quickly enough and the bloody rain came in and put the fish down! However a couple of evenings ago I decided to have a look along one of my favourite "stumping" Gourami stretches. I knew they wouldn't be stumping because there's nothing on the stumps for them to eat. However I found two Gourami high in the water and both took the Killer Termite first shot (you only get one shot!). 



Four fish now and no refusals. Tongue Out

This is a big change and I think it has to do with a) a really good fly and b) the PE fibre I'm using likes to sink. Of course it might just be coincidence or the current conditions and time of year. 


I ran the same territory last night incidentally and didn't get any decent shots. But that doesn't tell me much; I need to run the strip all week for it to mean anything!



Double Haul

I received an interesting document from one of our Board engineers (Merlin!) on double hauling and something really rather interesting where with a modelled 170 cast a haul that peaks close to MCL gives a higher velocity in the x-direction than one close to RSP. 

That may not mean very much to most of you but if you're an instructor or just have an interest in understanding fly casting that's quite a departure from our discussions over the last 15 years. It was 16 years ago (possibly to the month) that I first shot a video of the haul continuing through to RSP. Up until that point everyone believed and taught that the haul ended at butt stop. This resulting in years of arguments but ultimately has resulted in the teaching we have now where the haul should finish at RSP. However that's obvioulsy not the case with the 170 distance cast - I first noticed that on one of Lasse's casts many years ago.

This latest twist is possibly as significant as the first and I'm sure we'll rethink our understanding in the future. Here's the paper and here's a Board discussion that I've just started


HT rods and Invisibility Shirts

Last week, if you missed it, we launched our new sexyloops shirts. Probably the sexiest camo shirts you've ever seen - even if they are invisible. Our first order goes in this time next week. If you want to be in the first batch of Sexyloops Stealthmasters then please email me to place an order (or order through the shop!) Price includes world wide shipping and we have a special offer for Hot Torpedo Owners.

Talking of which we are currently very busy and Hot Torpedo orders are currently taking 3 weeks or thereabouts to ship. If you're planning to buy a HT flyrod for a forthcoming trip then please order early! Sorry about this but equally - thanks!!!


This week I'll be continuing work on the Academy project I mentioned last week, publishing a video on Gourami and fishing as much as possible (or as much as Sexyloops allows). I'm particularly keen on chasing Gourami in the evenings and am learning every time I pick up the rod. There are not many fish that still leave me shaking during the fight - but Gourami are one! 

Hope you have a fantastic week. 

Cheers, Paul