Great times on Belum

Great times on Belum

Paul Arden | Monday, 5 August 2019

I’m in the middle of a one month fishing trip on the lake with non stop guests and friends. The fishing is normal, ie hard! Usually getting 4-6 money shots in the morning session and the occasional evening play. While I’ve been fishing all the time I haven’t had the rod in my hand very often! I did manage one morning session last week where I had three chases, one of which ate but missed the fly. But then everything came right the following day, with one cast, one fish!

My largest Snakehead before now was the “Big Mamma” video which weighed in at 6.8KG. The fish this week pulled the balances to 7.8KG, so that’s now my biggest landed to date. I have this video to edit and a bunch of Graeme’s too. But I just simply don’t have the time to edit video at the moment!


Very rewarding however and another great moment. This is such an amazing fishery! Not seeing many Gourami, although Graeme had a couple eat, one of which stuck and then unstuck and I had one nibble a fly but not eat. In a few places we have “free-rising” Snakehead - the ultimate casting challenge!


My HT10 has gone walkabouts and may be living in Ashly’s car, so I’ve been fishing the HT8 for the Snakehead. This is matched up with an SA Infinity Salt which is a very nice line. Unfortunately it’s one of the mid-weight (or 1/2 weight) heavy lines. I think even on this rod the 7 (7.5) would be better than the 8 (8.5). The thought that I often hear, that a heavier line is better for quick shots because of “quicker loading” is completely wrong. A lighter line or stiffer rod (to a point) is better for lightning fast shots - try it!


I did have a prototype Infinity 9.5 which I used on the HT10 which was a deadly weapon for this game.


I’ll be here in North Malaysia for around two more weeks, and then I’m over in Europe for a month. I’ll be back in Malaysia the middle of September. If you would like to have a crack at these fish and of course improve your casting while here then drop me a line on