If this is April 1st, Mother Nature is an inconsitent Bitch!

If this is April 1st, Mother Nature is an inconsitent Bitch!

Ray | Friday, 10 April 2015

April 1st, is no joke, but mother nature is a jokster.

April 1st is not joke, here in Alberta it is the day you need to have your new Fishing licence on you. this April 1st was no different than all the others, with the added bonus of MotherNatures consistently inconsistent moods, bright sun with super cold winds that push cast to the 90* degree angle and cause the eyes to water are signs that she is not done with this country yet..

We moved to a more sheltered river and on the first pool my recently reunited with fishing partner Kerry dropped his 3 nymph rig into the head of an off coloured pool and had the indicator do a depth con 5 dive on him. This is where I would put the neat picture of the fish but for some reason the tech gods won’t let me upload. So just imagine a 30in Bull trout swimming away in a cleverly composed shot..

Cleverly composed on my new DSLR camera the Pentax K50WR. I am having great fun learning the in’s and out’s of DSLR. The last time I owned a SLR was 1991. Now I get to learn about JPEG and RAW!!  Any tips and Advise feel free to send my way..

We stopped for lunch in a cooking hut at a provincial park that is normally still frozen over but with the wind turning the ducks and geese into unguided missiles we just had lunch, again imagine the kelly kettle and Charcuterie and my favourite German Beer picture here.. We met two young female hikers from Texas, kerry being as old as he is, could only tell them to button up and watch out for bears..what a gentleman.

This is also the first time I am attempting a front page from a MacBook Pro, I like it so far but any tips from the Admins on how to move pictures over would be great..

Keeping to my word I have reduced and just about eliminated my daly addiction to Social Media, I find the stress has been reduce to pre-first marriage levels, and neck pain was decreasing. I say was as Ladystrange has sold her HHR - half-SUV Half soccer Mom vehicle, in the hopes of the arrival of her Pajero..the very next morning a driver decided that my back bumper would make a great place to put her front bumper!! Sorry Blair I tried to keep the RAV-ollie safe, but the big city got her..

I am going to try and up load some pictures to the 2015 picture thread on the Board..

Have a great day all