Last one

Last one

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 16 October 2020

Sunday we had picnic and fishing day at our lake. Great day but not much to tell about fishing, few perch and good time. Wednesday I had river guiding day, that was last for this season. Reindeer round up are starting and weather forecast is that there could be even 50 cm snow coming this weekend. So winter could be here fast.

Wednesday. Morning frozen windscreen on car, frozen wading shoes front of garage and – 3 celsius. Perfect morning to start, sun was shining and it was looking perfect as last fishing day. I met guests at 10 and we headed to river. Just before 11 we started fishing, I made for them fishing bubbles. It is closest to fly fishing what you can have with spinning rod. I didn’t want them to wade so that was one reason why we used spinning rods. ( I wrote last week about unstable rocks, also trout spawning is going/ending and I didn’t want to do anything to harm eggs).

Father and son, I gave son a good spot but there was nothing. Father good also spot and that was jackpot in start. 10 casts and 5 graylings up and some lost ones. Fishing bubble is system, where you have floating weigh in end of line and in side wig (?) you have two fly. Son had some bites but not really not good ones, so I changed his spot. Next spot was better and he got some bites but also couple up. The thing is with bubble that you have to really fish and think what you are doing like fly fishing, it is not like normal spinning that you cast and reel in. You have to read water etc. You know.

Before lunch casting, accuracy and hooking got better. It was time for short break and warm up. Father used drone and there is card from that in the end. After lunch we moved up to other stream. First few empty spots but then both of them found eldorado. Especially son had great spot where he finished trip, it was really small one about 5 meters across 10 meters, probably even smaller, hotspot more like 1x1 meter. All the graylings took in same place so we found a nest. 7  graylings in same place and some lost ones, one was big bite but son was so suprise about gently take that he realized it too late.

It was great day, air was +1 and water + 3 celsius. Some could say cold but if you have fishing like we had it will warm you up. Totally they caught 23 graylings during the day, some were small but there was also few over 30 cm so everyone was happy. I couldn’t be more happy about how to finish guiding season. It was great season even sometimes it was difficult but last trip was perfect one, at least guests were happy and that what counts.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika the legend

Ps. Translation in card is something like: Thank you about super fantastic river fishing day: knowledge, quality and attitude of the top guide!

with satisfaction fishermen who caught 23 graylings


pss. Happy birthday to my daughter Aino