Viking Lars | Saturday, 31 October 2020

It's quite important to be able to see, when you're tying flies. Have you ever tried tying blind folded? I have (yes, stupid things happen at fly tying gatherings late at night when you've have a beer and a wjisky too many). Basically you need proper lighting - you need good light and lots of it. In fact when I first thought I needed readers for tying the smallest flies, it turned out that I just needed more light to begin with. The readers did come eventually, but that's another story.

I have really come to like the newer, modern portable flytying lamps that clips onto the stem of your vise and at the same time provides you with a small tool rack.

There are several makers of these and they offer some advantages over the traditional desk lamp (or in Paul's case, head lamp).

  1. They're portable.
  2. They provide a good light source.
  3. They run on both a wall out let and they plug into a power bank. I have a big power bank (not sure how big), but I know it continuoisly runs this lamp for 4-5 hours. That's handy if I'm in a shop giving a demo.
  4. The tool rack - a nice, hand place to stick your tools, so they're fast and easy to pick up. I turn the tool rack to left, so it's out of the way. I need that when working with long dubbing loops, and when I turn my waste backet, so it's sits just under the vise (most people leave it there, I think, but I like it off to the side).
  5. I never take it off and never use it for anything else, so there's never any repositioning. I grab the vise and place it in fromt of me, tuen on the light and I'm ready to tie.

The rest of the setup is a vise, a waste basket, my two glue- and varnish holders I've written about and a back ground plate. The back ground plate is nice for really small imitation in dul colours. And then I use it a lot to place materials on. For instance, if I'm tying several flies of the same pattern, I'll cut say a long piece of ribbing material rather than cutting a piece for each fly. That saves time and material. And the back groud plate is a handy place to put it.

If you haven't already, you should consider getting a good fly tying lamp. It doesn't have to be a dedicated one like this. but good light really is important.

Have a great weekend!