loose wrist

loose wrist

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 30 October 2020

We got two trainees from France last Sunday. I missed my FP last week, lot of snow and some reindeer work. From Monday it has been raining until this morning. So all the snow is gone and it could be even fishing day coming up. Water levels are really high almost like in spring. We see how it will go.

So on Monday I talked with trainees, Leo and Cass. Cass told me that she is fishing also. Her english is not so good so beside talking we use also gestures. I asked form Cass if she is spinning or fly fishing. She told me that she is spinning mostly but also learning fly fishing. Her dream is to come fishing guide. (she doesn’t know yet that I’m fishing guide). When she showed that she is also flyfishing I noticed that she was doing casting move with her wrist. My first thought was that she has issue with wrist when casting.

Then Cass said something about her wrist, that she has problem with that. Same time Leo came in and he translated that Cass has problem about loose wrist when fly fishing, just like I thougth. I asked if she has had someone to teach her or is she self learning. She told me that her neighbour is chief of fishing club and has been teaching her.

About loose wrist, I explained to Cass how she needs to put butt of rod under cuffs. It will prevent to use wrist too much during the casting. She got idea right away but haven’t test it in really world. Now when snow is gone I think I will give her casting lesson when they have day off.

During the years I have seen that most common problem is wrist, when beginners are casting. They use it too much which makes back cast drop down way too much and line is almost hitting water. When you put rod butt under cuffs it makes difficult to use wrist too much, it is not comfortable but you see difference easily and fast so you can concentrate about that.

This was short one, have to run now. Reindeer are waiting.

Have a nice weekend