Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 19 June 2020

Today is longest day of the year. I don’t know how it is working because sun has not been setting for two weeks now. And won’t set for next two weeks. But anyway it is breaking point and tomorrow everything is heading towards winter. There will be over two months fishing season left so no worries.

Since last week water levels has dropped only about 10 cm and levels are still high. Basicly levels are still as high as normal spring flood or even higher. Weather has been great, sun shine and warmest day was around +30 celsius. Water temperature rised from 9 to 16 in few days. That makes me wonder how grayling’s spawning went. Fishing has been okay but still some problems because high water. But all of this gives promise for interesting fishing on July. There should be enough water in the rivers.

Midsummer is kind of special. We make bonfire and have some fun. Did you know that many of Finnish people are born in March. Do the math yourself.   And of course we drink and we do that also kind of lot. In old times women use to do some macig, like running around field naked few times etc. Purpose for that was to see coming husband or something like that. I think all nations has special day today, each have they own habbits.

Nowdays our habbit is the best one, we go fishing. Every midsummer we go fishing. There is not so many people by the river because everyone are having fun or spending family time. Earlier we use to fish whole night and make great dinner by the river, and came home late in the morning. This year it is not possible because we have 3 dogs and one of them should have puppies anytime now. But we do short fishing trip anyway.

Past week I have been maintaining and building fences. Also we started to mark baby reindeers in the forest. This is always busy time around farming and reindeers. Fishing less unfortunally, but this will last only  about 3 weeks and one is allready behind. Sunday and next week I have few guiding trips. Finnish people start often they summer holiday from Midsummer and July is holiday month. It means that this year my busiest weeks are about to start. We see how it will go but so far everything looks good around fishing.

Few important tips to spent Juhannus (midsummer):

Do not pee from boat. (every year some people drown because they stand up and try it, drunk of course)

There is lot non-drinking alcohol in the world and it doesn’t run out by drinking. (Maailmassa on paljon juomatonta viinaa ja se ei juomalla lopu) This one is if you go on party where is free booze.

Keep the pants on and God on your mind. (this is for youngster, so there won’t be any March suprise)


Hyvää Juhannusta and go fishing

Mika the Legend

Ps. some photos from past week.