river scouting

river scouting

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 16 August 2019

It has been great week for fishing. Conditions has been challenging now and then but it hasn’t make fishing bad. Some heavy rain showers but hatching is going on and dry fly fishing has been good. Sunday we had quests on our lake and we caught totally 5 rainbow trout, what is making me especially happy is that german kids had success. Monday I guided german gentleman on river which I know and I has been fishing but not lately. Tuesday we had rafting and fishing on Kitka river, long day and excellent fishing. Despite rain shower in the end guests were able to land nice 37 cm graylings with dry fly. Yesterday I had time to in the evening to go scout river little bit more. I had guiding evening and I knew that my guest don’t mind me fishing also because it is more like friend thing, so……. I decided to go river where I was on Monday.

Before going fishing we had bus group from Italy to visit our reindeer farm and then I had appointment with guest. He wanted to discuss about our fishing next week. Hopefully it will be succesfull fishing and I can do FP about that. We will aim on one day trout, one for pike and one in our lake. We sealed fishing days with cocnag. (He offered russian vodka, but he didn’t have beluga so …..)

But back to scouting the river. It was heavy rain and thundering on that area. It look like that from distance and I checked radar. It looked like that our spot should be just between those thunders, so we bought licenses and off we went. It was short hike from parking lot and weather was kind of okay. We reach the river and got gears together and started to fish. First half an hour I was guiding and helping my friend. He got some strikes but he was in rust so couldn’t hook fishes. After that he told me to start fishing and I was more than happy to do it.

It was some really light rain now and then and I saw some rises from small fish. I started to nymph and got quite fast few okay graylings. (okay grayling is +30 cm). Fish were fat and good shape which made me happy goes future is looking good for that river. I kept fishing and good in short time more than 10 graylings, some were small but anyway. My friend caught also some and evening was looking great. I fished downstream and caught nice around 40 cm trout also. Then everything died even it was looking good spots. I heard some thunder in distance and then heavy rain started. I fished fast those dead spots because I allready had spot on my mind which could be the one.

I crossed the river and fishing at same time to reach that the spot. I was pretty sure that there should be something. And there was… gentle takes like big graylings do sometime. I hooked one, hold it a while and lost. My mistake, I was holding too hard. Next one same, this time I was more gentle but I lost fish on jump. It was nice easily over 40 cm grayling. Third one, gentle take, strong pull and lost fish. I was confused. What the hell is going on, I don’t normally lost so many fish in short time. I changed my position little bit to get different kind of angle when takes come and finally I got one up also. Nice about 40 cm grayling. Rain just got more and more heavy but I didn’t even notice it because of good gears and exciment about fishing. Then my stomach told me that it is time for break. I watch the time and we had been fishing more than two hours in row.

On the way back I fish some spots and caught some graylings. Totally I caught easily over 20 graylings during this two hours of fishing. Most of them okay ones and but some where around 40 cm also. After break and fire we fished part of another current and caught some graylings. Dark is coming around 10 pm so finished on that time. But I will go back during this summer to finish scouting.

 But how I scout new waters? It is just not fishing it has something else also. For me it is important to know water upside down. By fishing it you learn something and by reading the water something but then there is bottom side. That is if there is spawing spots for trout and grayling and where those are. I think it is really important know those spots because then you can avoid those spots on time when need (spawning areas also tells you if there is future). Also in this case bottom is dark mostly so you can’t be sure about depth. So my teqnichue is to wade the whole current thru if possible. If it fast stream there is now reason for that but slower parts I wade across after fishing them so I learn how deep spots are and so on. I want to know also if there is logs or moss and so on. It helps me a lot when fishing next time but especially when guiding. So I can tell everything about current including the type of bottom what kind  it is to wade, if it even possible, is there some stones or rocks you should be aware off. In fact these are some things that your guide is doing for you and you don’t even know about it.


Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland.

Ps Looking forward to hear your comments about scouting river.