Scientific Anglers

Scientific Anglers

Bruce Richards | Sunday, 19 April 2015

I worked for Scientific Anglers for many years when it was owned by 3M. 3M is a great company, but very big and not really the right kind of owner for a small company in the fly fishing industry. Things went well for a long time, but in the last decade, 3M lost it's enthusiasm to run SA properly....

      That all changed a couple years ago when Orvis bought SA and enlisted by dear friend Jim Lepage to run the business. Everything is better now. During the 3M days it was a struggle to have fun while working. Days in the factory, where I worked, were fine. Great facility, wonderful people to work with, but still with 3M structure to fight. The new "regime" is totally different, and better. Great new, young team with lots of ideas, talent and enthusiasm. Great fun to work with. Long days at the factory followed by brainstorming sessions over beers. The SA crew was in Bozeman a few days ago, to meet with our European sales team, another great bunch of guys. We had some great meetings, followed by fishing. Fishing was mediocre due to weather that was too good, but no one complained!

It is Wednesday now, I'm in the airport in Detroit waiting for a flight to Munich and the EWF show. I'll have a report on that next Sunday.
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