Setting About Sebarau

Setting About Sebarau

Paul Arden | Monday, 26 November 2018

Next weekend here in KL we start the Malaysian fly fishing team which will have a fly casting contingent and we shall compete on a monthly basis. To make this more interesting we will publish and share results with other teams and even interested individuals. Bart is doing similar in the Netherlands and so we have been in contact throughout the process. Hopefully here in SE Asia we can really move Casting Sport forwards. I envisage teams in surrounding Asian countries who can give us some real as well as virtual competition.

Don’t expect too much over here in the way of distances! Any sort of distance here is a success in itself! However there is no question that Casting Sport makes you into the best caster that you’ll ever be and I look forward to seeing the progress made here by everyone involved.

I’ll be fishing Belum this week as well as having a few practise sessions, building hoops etc. I’m also going to buy some imaginary grass because the grass here is tough as boots and snags the line with every shot! 

I’m very excited to be a part of this Smile

And very soon I will finally have my long-term Malaysian visa organised. This has been a very long process but necessary for Ashly and my plans for the next five years. Once we have this we can really start to promote the fly fishing here. Not in a big way - because too many anglers will ruin the experience - but in an interesting way. Because this really is the finest and most challenging fly fishing that I know. 

Over the next 6-8 weeks I’m planning to set about Sebarau (Jungle Perch) with poppers hitting the banks and sinking lines around stream mouths. This is an interesting species that I haven’t really targeted much yet. This might surprise people because Sebarau are actually the fish that are fly fished for the most in Malaysia! This is probably because the other species are consider too hard by most. But I find it very difficult to fish sinking lines for Perch when there are large fish to be sight-fished for at the surface - no matter how difficult they may be. In fact the harder the better!

Learning Sebarau I think is very important for our future plans to have a houseboat on the lake and teach fly fishing. What an incredible fishery with not one, not two, but three targetable species that are each quite special in their own right. 

Lots of work to be done in this regards. Fortunately Sebarau are predominately a morning and evening fish whereas my more favoured species are best fished for during daytime and evenings. 

I’m still tying to figure out the tackle:


For this Wet Season period it’s best to have a roof at nights and somewhere you can dry your clothes. Belum Adventure Camp has cabins at the top of Banding Island and is central to the lake. 

If you would like to stay here, fish yourself and rent one of my boats then for a total price of 550RM/day for one or 750RM/day for two sharing, over this Wet Season period, we will rent you a boat with a full tank of fuel per day, a fully charged thruster motor and I’ll show you the best places to fish! 

This price includes your stay at BAC and if you are fond of Vegetarian Curries then I can even be persuaded to cook one or two that will blow your head off. Snakehead are at the surface and can be found free-rising with the odd set of babies around. Gourami are playing their usual hide and seek game. So there are numerous options to fish. The only downside is that afternoon and evening storms are possible, so bring a raincoat!


The Wet Season finishes around the end of January and that should see the start of my Snakehead fishing proper again. Have a wonderful week fishing wherever you are! 

Cheers, Paul

ps email me for more info: