Summer is here

Summer is here

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 5 June 2020

After extra long winter and snow season it has finally arrived. Summer. There is still some snow here and there but mostly on shadow places and north side of hills. Almost two weeks now sun has been shining and it has been around +20 celsius or more. Sun is setting next time around 3rd of July.

Fishing season started on 1.6. Monday but I haven’t start mine yet. After winter waters are extremely high, flood is bigger than ever before. Some part of rivers are turning to lakes and water is all the way in the forest even in current areas. To go fishing you need to wade first in the forest and when you arrive to river you are about knee deep allready. So personally I made decission that I wait until this weekend when waters are dropping just a little bit at least.

Graylings are spawning and I don’t want to kick mud from forest over eggs. I talked with some friends who has been fishing allready and they said that fishing is kind of okay but…. graylings are thin and fishing itself…. well it is fishing but you spent more time to find spot where you are able to fish than for fishing so. Fishing is good but not giving any satisfaction you could say.

Yesterday evening I went to check our pond and water level has dropped 30cm from highest point. There was lot of rises and hatching. So summer is really here. Today is raining which is doing good to nature. But tomorrow…. well this is my idea but I will check from Satu if she have other thoughts. It is our wedding anniversary day, since we got married I have been guiding on that day ever since. Tomorrow I’m free and I thought we could go fishing together and have some picnic daiy. It would be great start for season, have some own time with Satu and fishing maybe new places. In smaller rivers water levels are dropping so fishing should be good allready, bigger rivers are still gathering waters from here and there so one week more and levels will be great over there.

This week I have been fixing fences and that kind of things so rest of the summer I should be free from those work and able to fish and guide as normally.

have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland