take that dam down

take that dam down

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 2 August 2019

Something similar was said 198?. And world was chancing forever. Every year there is more demands to take dams down. They are doing that in US, France and Sweden. Or if not daring down they are building fish ladders. There have been lot of talk in Finland around this issue past 6 or 7 years, but last week something big happened.

Last week it was kind of head new and it is still. There has been group of active people who has been plead the case. It is about Hiitola river, river is starting from Finland and it has 3 big rapids before entering Russia and end up to Ladoga lake. All 3 rapids in Finland has been built up by dam, on the Russian side river is running free. Last week they made public that there is agreement between local sociaty and energy companies and sociaty is buying all 3 damns. It will take time but they will take those dams away and renew the rapids. That is great news to salmon which is living in Lake Ladoga, Hiitola river is one of the main spawning waters for them. Big thanks besides local active people goes in this case also to Jasper Pääkkönen who is passionate flyfisherman and actor. ( You might have seen him in Blackkklansman)

Another interesting news was yesterday. In Inari there is northest of dam in Finland. Mayor (not right translation but that best you can have in english) and CEO of energy company came out with idea that dam could be removed. Of course mayor has not lot to say about it but what it is interesting is that, CEO came up that idea. Normally so called river companies (energy companies) make everything as possible to play time and do nothing about because it means less profit. Dam has been there 70 years and river just to be important spawning area for trout, grayling and whitefish which are living in Lake Inari. ( it is third biggest lake in Finland) So with that dam it is just talk now but it is start. Looking forward coming years what will happen.

I hope that kind of snowball effect is starting and they will do something about rivers like Kemi and Ii. Kemi just to be best salmon river in the Europe before dams were built. Also goverment update ordinance on May and now there is value if you fish(kill) protected fish. There is police investigation going about first case. It concerns about salmon in Vuoksi enviroment. It is lake salmon and very endangered. There is case that someone caught one and put photos in facebook. Photos are taken in bathroom so fish was pretty sure killed and not released as law says. Value for that fish is 7500e + fine. I hope this will go also in the end and we will have first case about unlegal fishing.

In every country we have problems and we have waters what has been left to us but also what we deserved. All this acts are forward that we will be leaving better waters to next generation than what we got.

Have a nice weekend and take care of your waters.

Mika the Legend