The Fishing Virus

The Fishing Virus

Daniela Misteli | Sunday, 10 July 2016

Hi there, my name is Daniela Misteli, I live in a small town in Siwtzerland and I’ts a pleasure and honour for me to write for the Sexyloops blog. Like most of "us" my Dad infected me with the "fishing-virus" when I was a small girl. Of course we fished mostly with bait in the beginning but when I was 12 he brought me to my first fly-fishing course. That was awesome, because I wasn’t and I’m still not a patient person. Of course I also started immediately with flytying - but the result was some ugly flies and a funny looking dog because I cut his hair.

As normal, there followed the teenager years without fishing or tying, but with a lot of girly stuff. But I came back to this hobby and started to fish again. I found also back to a vise because after losing a bet on a pinball machine to my husband I had to tie a hell of a lot of nymphs. Now I love to tie flies: Nymphs, Drys, Streamers, Tubes and I also started to tie classics. I’m part of the Partridge of Reddich and Pro Sportfisher PRO Team and tie nearly every day. 

Fishing has also become my work, so I’m one of these tackledealers and spend all my working day in a fishing store here in Switzerland. Therefore I always know how to spend my money in the end of the month Smile

I'm traveling as much as possible for fishing, so there is always some rods and waders in our holiday luggage, even on our honeymoon but that’s another story. We've visited Italy, Sweden, Austria, Russia, Alaksa and yearly Denmark. 

So you will read here every second Sunday something about my fishing trips, flytying or funny stories around. 

Last but not least, some funny facts about flytiers and I’m sure some of you will read this and agree with each point: 

You’re a flytier if you:
- have nail-polish in your fridge
- know more about hair-conditioner than your girlfriend
- think about a new flypattern when you look a national geographic documentation
- have a table vacuum cleaner (and really use it)
- look up for a pretty fur collar and not for the women who wear it
- like the wire around the bottle more than the wine itself
- think the pet of your friend is just dubbing with feet
- not even react when you pierce on a hook
- even like your neighbors loud and noisy parrot 
- all your tables have varnish on them
- all your clothes got some dubbing or hair on them
- pick up roadkills

Small (or even smaller) Daniela in Alaska