The leaves are dropping

The leaves are dropping

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 2 October 2020

Autumn caught us. It comes like every year, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. It will come always. It is last season for fishing before winter is coming. Fishing can be best during autumn. There can be some hatching and graylings are eating like crazy. Misty mornings means often good fishing day.

Last weekend we had rain like monsoon. Sunday it was raining about 30 mm which is a lot for one day in our area. Monday morning ground was wet and muddy and it took two days that things started to be dry again.  Begin of week was great for fishing, no wind, misty mornings (this is more for feeling) and afternoon some sun etc. Perfect time for dryfly fishing. Some of my friends has been fishing and result was good, some nice graylings.

Unfortunately my time went in preparations for coming reindeer round up season. Like it is normally going around this time. I still have some guiding bookings for not next but week after that. Time will show if weather is something that we can go fishing on that time. Last year snow came on 9th of October allready.

The leaves, when they drop down there is period when fishing is normally very difficult. River is full of yellow, purple etc stuff. Some leaves are in the bottom but most of them are floating on surface or nearby. And that is time when graylings shut their mouth. It is not empty river like we had during our holiday but fishing can be very difficult and normally all the bigger fish are missing. This period can be over one week long or if lucky only few days. This year it could be short period, lot of leaves have dropped during heavy rain last weekend and most of the leaves are allready gone.

So now I’m hoping frosty nights and sunny days. Perfect for fishing. Sunday I will have day off, hopefully I can spent that one by the river.

Have a nice weekend

Mika the Legend