the Z knot ...

the Z knot ...

t.z. | Friday, 18 May 2018

knot knot .... who's there? During my recent visit to Jan Siman in the Czech Republic I learned more about the amazing skills needed to be in the top league of competition flyfishing.

One thing is reading the water, understanding aquatic insects and what triggers fish. The other is to fish heavily weighted flies. To be on top of the game, one must be able to change / tie on flies very quickly. In a competition there is not time for fiddling about. I also learned that Jan does not hold his cards close to his chest. rather the opposite. He is sharing his knowledge in calm, yet witty way - which suited me more than well.

He showed me two knots, which i like very much because one does not have to rely on the eyes that much. Comes in handy when fishing at dusk and very much for an old mole like me.

The Z knot looks like becoming my new favourite. Funny enough they have named it after me, even before we met ... very smart ;-)

The 'Z-Knot' 

By kind permission from Jan Siman -

Published: 2016-06-14 17:00:09 Categories: Fly Fishing

Authors: Petri Kemppainen, Jan Šiman

This knot is the strongest one we know to attach a fly to the tippet. We have tested it over 5 year on Stroft tippets ABR and GTM and its strength is almost 100%!!! (most often the tippet breaks far away from the hook eye rather than at the knot). In addition, it is fast to tie (once you get used to it) as there is no threading of the tag end through any loops - rather thumb and index finger are used to grab the tag end to pull it through. This means also that this knot is easier to tie also in poor light or for people with impaired eyesight. - Jan Šiman

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Jan also showed me the knot he uses for nymphs -

There's a thread on the board about this one and other knots. -

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