Throw back

Throw back

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 7 February 2020

Middle of winter, days are getting longer. I have been thinking about a lot next August. Returning to Varzina trout camp with great company. We were there 2018 first time. Water level was really low on that year so, I expect that river will be totally different on coming trip. Still I have a map on my head about rocks and spots.

During the last trip we fished many pools and I walked thru some of them just to see the river. Some pools I fished more than others, like S-bend, Cliff, Lake, Grilse, Peninsula those pools I know pretty well even water level will be higher. I waded those so many times and always thinking more or less what if there is 40 cm more water. I know that some of those pools are with higher water more difficult to wade but it means also that trouts will come closer to the shore. It means that no need to wade so much in certain places.

I take an example, Cliff pool. 2018 when water level was really low all the trouts could be found on the south side of river. North side was so calm that water was barely moving and rocks were covered with slime. Water with oxygen went on south side and there is deep hole with two big rocks. End of stream was really good one but also next neck, between those there was perfect water for dry flyfishing. ( one trout straighten my hook from dryfly on that spot). If water level get 20cm more it means that north side will be also good because more water running there. It might mean that south side is not so easy with dry fly anymore and fishes will have more space to hide. It means also that I can wade to middle of river but not downstream like last time, otherwise I will walk over the fishes.

I never thought that I could be so sick for fishing that I woke up in the middle of night and start to think things like this. It is same thing with all those pools we fished. I have started to think about how and where to fish. Of course circumstances will make final decission but I like to keep my map fresh. It is with all the rivers and pools I have ever fished. Now and then I do throw back on those places to keep my map clear. So it doesn’t matter when I’m returning on those place, I have map ready where the rocks and stones are. And it is also survival thing, it is long winter in here and no fishing. So this is how you can survive. I’m going to Russia for 3 days snowmobile guiding, while driving I have plenty of time to think about fishing.

Have a nice weekend

Mika from Finland

Ps Beginning of the week it was -25  celsius in here, waiting -30 but forecast is that next week it will be +1 celsius.