Tough weekend

Tough weekend

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 30 August 2019

We kind of agree to have ”holiday” with Satu weeks ago. Destination was up to me, Satu always say when go fishing that your are the guide so you know where to go. We had three options each in Sweden. One about 500 km from home, another 650 km and one 800 km. We only had time from Thursday evening to Sunday including travelling. What would be your choose? Ours was the longest one obviously. Reason was simple, great waters, good friend and not so many fisherman around for sure. So we started to drive after finishing my last week FP on Thursday evening, 21.15 Swedish time.

We drove or basicly I was driving whole nigt. Satu drove less than two hours in early morning. She probably saw wolf while driving but we never will know for sure. We arrived to destination at 6 am Swedish time. There was misunderstanding about early morning so our cabin was locked and we could not get key until 9 am. During that 3 hours we drove around in that little village where roads begin and check some waters we might fish. It was raining little bit like forecast promised. 9.30 we entered the cabin and went to sleep.

I woke up around 14.00 and rain was slowing. We had some fast lunch and hit the road. Time for fishing, that was why we were there. Water was really low and river looked totally different than last summer. We caught some small graylings  but there was no sight of bigger ones. I made few runs with trout but not really expected anything. Tired about driving and lack of sleep made me lazy. On the way back to car rain stopped and there was some rises on the neck. We stopped to fish and caught some graylings, biggest one was 35 cm. Wading was difficult. Water is so clear that you can see if it is getting deeper or shallow. It is really easy to go swimming.

After finishing our fishing we went to meet our friend and local fishing guide Peter. He was guiding one of special strecht. Idea was to have some help for our Saturday fishing. We drink coffee and beer while talking about our Saturday. He had guests from Austria and they had have some great fishing during the week. My idea was to go on one lake by boat. Everyone has been talking about so much about that and forecast was looking great. Some wind but not much and sunny weather. I was looking forward to our boat trip. Back to the cabin, dinner, few glass of wine and bed.

We woke up early enough to have good breakfast and coffee. Packing gears and getting ready to fish whole day on the lake. Just when going to car and about to go lake where boat would take us… bad news… boat driver was sick and couldn’t take us. Shit. We drove guidecenter to meet Peter and have some tips and ideas what next. I allready had plan but I wanted to get confirmation from local guide that it would worth to do it. He told us that fishing could be good and that Stefan (every time I hear his name is kind of whispered, probably that trouts won’t hear that he and Ann-Karin are around) would probably be there too. We took of fast because I wanted to be first on the spot.

Satu started to fish close to car. And stream which were around. There are some islands and river is splited up many smaller streams. I went around biggest island and started fish there. I saw some hatching but it was more like one mayfly now, another after few minutes. Mayflies were floating that there was about 30 meters between them, not really  massive hatching. I went downstream and tried to see if there was any trouts or rises. Finally I entered small current after flat water. There was rock in middle so I sat down. When sitting down I saw one rise about 40 meters down from me. I changed flies from nymphs to dries. One mayfly and another emergent. New rise, this is the time. I went to spot that I could cast that place. Cast nothing, another one nothing and there was not rising anymore. I checked to upstream and saw how trout feasts 30 meters upstream, just 10 meters where I was just minutes ago. Shit. I wade little bit upstream and casted, nothing. I went back to shore and more upstream to reach that place. When I got there I saw rises about 80 meters downstream. I wade over river and went down to reach that spot. When getting there I saw that trouts are rising more downstream. Satu was asking where I am so it was time to go downstream anyway. I saw some rises and when I got there to fish… well trouts where allready moved even there was some hatching around. Sun was shining and water was clear, flyline was making shadows. I was using about 4 meters leader and tippet. It was time to have something to eat and move after graylings. Even I didn’t caught anything it was really exciting fishing and in some kind one of the best fishing moments I have had in long time.

We moved to different spot and try to get some graylings. Satu likes to fish those and me also, especially big ones with dryfly. We fished area which should be good for bigger graylings but caught only some which were around 30 cm. My casting was totally lost and I felt that I have never casted before. I sat down and had I beer.

Next stop, flyfishing strecht. I started with nymphs and caught one 35 cm grayling. I moved upstream where I thought that could be bigger ones and some dryfly fishing. I saw one rise immediately. Casting, nothing, Satu was coming also and saw some rise upstream. I told her to go there. She was fishing spot where I saw rises when I arrived there also. Satu said that fishes are just out of her reach and that I could try. Place was difficult to fish. Fast stream just next to you which was so wide that you can’t hold line out of that. And spot where Satu saw fishes rising was so slow that it was barely moving.  Satu went upstream to spot which she knew and I started to fish.

I made lot of casts and got some nice presentation but nothing. I made my last cast and gave some line that fly was floating with current about 30 meters. I started to reel line in and ready to move upstream when I saw fish rising and starting to chase my mayfly while reeling in. I stopped nothing, started to reel and strike, not able  to hook up. So my fly was okay and there is fish still. I kept fishing to spot. Made overhead cast and then roll cast to get extra line over fast stream that fly would float not drag. After few attemps and made it. Cast, rise, strike, hook up, netting. Nice 50 cm grayling up. I was happy, some photos etc. After releasing fish I saw new rise in same spot. So there was more big graylings in same place. I made few attemps but fishing license was running out and I was happy with that one good grayling.

Satu came to me and we had some drinks and enjoyed sunshine and beatiful river next to us. It was tough weekend but fishing was great like always. On Sunday when heading home we accidently meet Stefan and Ann-Karin in Emil’s fiskecamp. We had short discussion about fishing on Saturday and we kind of agreed that because rain in Friday and water level rising fishes were moving around and not feasting in certain area on Saturday. It was great to meet them and hopefully we will be able to fish with them some day.( Paul get new hat to Stefan, his has lost his own. ) We drove back home on Sunday during the heavy rain. This time 11 hours because last 300 km we drove with broken suspension in the car.

It was tought weekend but I enjoyed every minute and we will go back. It is last fishing week in here in the main rivers. I will keep fishing smaller ones after that. Grayling fishing will be great. I had some good guiding on this week but it will be issue for next FP.

Have a nice weekend and go fishing.

Mika from Finland

Ps. here is finally link to programm we made last summer on that same area. Mostly in Finnish. arctic waters tvprogramm, ammarnäs