Training camp

Training camp

Mika Lappalainen | Friday, 9 August 2019

It is coming on my dreams. I woke up in the early morning with these thoughts and thinking about coming trip. We still have one year to go before we take off and go back to Varzina. That year will be loooong one if it will keep going like this. Reason why it is kind of haunting me is that I know what to wait and I know what need to be improved for Satu but also for me. I didn’t know how to practise Satu with those kind of fishery. Grayling fishing is good and you get lot of contact and landings but you don’t get same kind of power than with trouts. After few nights I got it.

First of all last Sunday was nice. I was able to teach casting and flyfishing basics to couple who has been kind of dreaming about flyfishing but haven’t got change to learned before. We had good time and trained casting on field with audience. This audience is quite normal in our field. Group of reindeer came to say hello and then lay down and see how casting is going. It was heavy wind but after one hour, casting was on the level that we decided to go fishing. It is funny how people seems to ”forget” casting when they start fish. It is probably there is so many new things coming, wading, fishing teqhnique and fishes with bites and strikes. Anyway they were able to catch some fish and also we could try dry flies. It was difficult decision about fly because there was several different hatches going at same time and we saw active graylings. We hit few right flies and got some beautiful rises but guests couldn’t hook….. they were too suprise about what happened.

Back to my solutions concerning about trout and how to handle those. We have small lake it is more like pond like have mentioned before. About 3 hechtars, it is about 4 meter deep as deepest and there are some brooks coming. It has shallow areas and some plants. There is varied fishing spots and fishing is not easy always. Spring we stocked some rainbow trout and those are from 1-2 kg, biggest one we have caught from there was about 3,5 kg. So they grow and start to act like wild fish.

On Tuesday it was calm evening, now and then some wind. I suggested to Satu that we go fishing. It was about six pm when we went there. We could see some rises but not many, there were again several hatches going on, but I have seen fishes been more active on the lake than now. We took our small boat and start to fish. My idea was that Satu can train back casting by sitting (if you can manage that it is easier also when you are standing). She had some difficulties with pause during back cast but she fix it and cast start to be pretty nice during the evening. Her set is not perfect for presentation and line is kind of splashing on water quite easily anyway. It is WF line and great for rolling and others which are taking off from water. ( I need to get new rod, reel and line for her before next season)

The most of important thing was that she could train hooking rising fish with dryfly and then handle those. First strike was failure. Satu was too slow but we had nice 5 second with that one. Second was more my fault, I had made knot and it was not tighten probably so it was strike, hook and loose. We called it long distance release also. (well officially it is long distance release if you just loose it but…) Third was nice training session, nice rise, some pulls and then coming fast towards. Lost fish again. This was exactly I was hoping. Different situations and action so she could had feeling about trout.

Fourth was success then. Lessons had learned and she handle fish nicely and fish gave us also carousel. It was pulling so hard that our small boat start to go around. Nice handling from Satu and she landed nice rainbow trout. After that some rises next to fly but no strike. Just before we were thinking about finishing there was some good rises and Satu gave few tries. One of those was again success and this time she had jumping machine. Pulling line, jumping, coming towards, jumping, pulling, jumping, carousel, jumping and finally landing. Yes I know when fish jumps you normally give too much pressure but sometimes they just do it even pressure is okay.

We had great evening, Satu landed two and I two. I’m still amazed about HT4 with fish. I have never had so much confidence about rod before. I’m in love with those everytime I have fish on. (looking forward that Paul would release HT8, ten feet) We will do lot of this kind of short trips during this season to our lake. Fishing is so great and I can test flies and Satu will have training.


Have a nice weekend and go fishing

Mika from Finland

Ps. After that heat wave which last about week when we had about +30 celsius…. well now it is about +10 celsius and north wind…. so colder than should be