True Fly Stories II

True Fly Stories II

Easterncaster | Thursday, 2 April 2015

I had stopped in at a friend's house to drop off something, an excuse really to see how his spring fishing had been going. The door opened and he smiled with a snicker of sorts - said he had something of mine.

fly retrieved

We walked over to his car. He reached in and poked around in the compartment between the seats, then backed out and turned his out stretched arm towards me. There in his hand was the fly you see pictured.

"Is this one of yours?"

"Hey, yeah, it is. Where'd you get that?"

"The other day a pal of mine was down fishing that spot you like to fish, the one with no trout Innocent. Well evidently he caught one and this was in it's lip. Being a gear guy, and knowing that I fly fish, he thought maybe I'd know something about it - in the least that I would get a kick out of his find. I told him it wasn't mine but I had an idea who it belongs to..."

"Ha! Last time I was there was a few weeks ago."

I took the fly home, steamed it over the tea kettle. Now it rests, retired at my tying desk along with a few other flies that serve as patterns examples and fishing story reminders.