Wind Roulette

Wind Roulette

Paul Arden | Monday, 22 August 2016

Unfortunately the wind dominated the world championships again. Some great performances from up and coming stars Maxime McKormick and Gard Thomson. Outstanding to watch Glenn McKormick and Chris Korich. Huge performances from Tellis Katsiogannis, Mikael Blomberg and Dmitri Borovkov.

And of course fantastic to see Ashly Chan in her first competition Cool

Despite the wind disappointments - casters got headwinds in competitions whereas others got tail winds - it was a great event. The venue and organisation superb, the Norwegian judge team immacute as usual, and best of all hanging out, with superb casters from around the world for three or four days, who are all good friends, is a real priviledge and makes it a very special event. (Despite getting thrown in the lake by a few of the more block-headed ones!). 

It's going to be a busy two years for me between now and the next time because next time I plan to enter all events. Apart from getting more bites at the cherry it will pick up my game and give me something interesting to try when the Snakehead are not biting. Now where to find a tropical competition Spey line...?


(photo of Ashly and Ulrik battling it out on the accuracy!)

Full results lists here: