Wobblers and Flies

Wobblers and Flies

Bernd Ziesche | Wednesday, 7 August 2019

In the age of 8 years I became a big fan of Rapala wobblers. Ever since I have realized wobblers to often outfish many other sort of lures - our flies included. Combining both the pros of wobblers AND flies of course are resulting in the ultimate lure!?

20 years ago Martie van den Brand (NL) had the idea to combine both the action of wobblers and the pros of a fly. Martie designed the wobblefly. Since then that fly has proven to be an outstanding fly in different situations.

Now you may think, that the wobblefly no longer is a fly, which to me is fair! But you know, I don't care. I can't tell, where exactly a fly starts to be one and where it ends to be one in these days. All that matters to me, is that the fly is easy castable at the end of my fly line (leader) and it has to be artifical (no bait of course). Oh, and it's very important to me, that the fly does a proper job in getting me linked with some fine fish!

Thanks a lot to Martie for sending me some of his wobbleflies for testing. They really work well! No doubt a lot of predartory fish locate and classify their bait using their latural line organ. Wobblers always worked fantastic here to force predators coming from a huge distance hammering straight into the wobbler. For sure the wobbling action is the cause for wobblers outfishing flies in a fair number of situations.

During the past 7 days I tested Martie's flies and designed a lot of new wobbling flies. I varied the size, shape and angle of the wobblefly-lips. I made them out of polyethylen (cut out of a coke-bottle). Lots to be learnt and to be shared during the next weeks here.

No need to tell I already nailed down a well sized asp on one of my wobbleflies. That fish truly deeply inhaled my fly and offered a nice fight on my Sexyloops Hot Torpedo fly rod!

Besides fly fishing for asp and fly tying asp-flies I taught fly casting, both single and double hand as usual. Right now am on my way into some more asp!?

Hopefully you are having some fly fishing in your schedule either!?

Great week to all of you!

All my best